Careers in Financial Services

Financial services

Financial services are the business activities that manage and exchange money, including banking, investing, insurance and more. They also provide a range of support functions that help to maintain or improve the quality of a company’s finances, such as debt resolution.

Most of us are familiar with the different kinds of financial services available – banks offer checking and savings accounts, mortgage lenders provide loans and credit card companies issue cards. But the industry is much larger than that, with a broad range of jobs offering many career paths.

Some of the more popular roles in financial services include investment bankers, traders on Wall Street and brokers. These people facilitate investments for individuals, companies and governments, helping them reach their monetary goals.

Those who work in financial services are not only experts at accumulating and managing money but they also play a crucial role in helping the rest of the economy function smoothly. They are also a powerful influence on other industries’ practices, standards and procedures.

One of the best ways to get a job in this sector is to network with high-profile figures. This can give you a good chance of being invited for an interview and, if successful, getting the position. Alternatively, you could work in an entry-level role that teaches you the fundamentals and helps you build your experience on the job. Then, if your performance is satisfactory, you can be promoted to higher level positions within the same company.