Healthy Relationships


Relationships are an important part of life. They help us grow and learn about ourselves by giving us a mirror to our strengths and weaknesses. They also provide a source of support and companionship. In addition, a relationship can help build self-esteem and improve communication skills. Nevertheless, relationships can also be problematic when there is a lack of trust, respect or communication.

Despite the rosy images portrayed in holiday love stories and romantic comedies, relationships are not always smooth sailing. They can be complicated, stressful and messy with miscommunication flying everywhere so that both parties feel as though they are constantly talking to a brick wall.

In a healthy relationship, both individuals are able to pursue their own interests while still enjoying time together. They can have conversations that are deep and meaningful while also laughing at jokes that are funny. They are able to share and receive affection without feeling compelled to do so just for the sake of it or fearing that their partner might not be “in the mood.” If they are interested in physical contact, they will engage enthusiastically, whether it is a hand-holding gesture while shopping at the mall or a passionate kiss during a movie.

It is important that both people in a committed relationship have their own lives outside of the relationship. It is also important that they can be honest with one another, even when the topics of conversation may be sensitive or difficult. Finally, it is important that they don’t keep secrets from each other and that everything is fair game — even their crushes, embarrassing past experiences or weird sexual fantasies.