How to Write a Good News Story


A news story is a piece of information about something that has happened recently or is currently happening. A man walking to work on the bus is not news (unless he has been doing so for 20 years). News events are usually things that are unusual.

A good way to think about a news story is as a first rough draft of history. In order for something to be news it has to catch attention and interest. It also needs to be something that has not happened before (unless it is an anniversary of a past event).

It is important to know your audience in writing a news article. What kind of information are they interested in and how do they expect the news to be presented? This will help guide the tone of the article and what facts are included. It is also important to use a language that everyone can understand. If jargon is necessary, it should be clearly defined and written out in full. Also, try to avoid using abbreviations. Lastly, it is always helpful to have someone else read the article. They can provide an extra set of eyes and help catch any spelling or grammatical errors.

Many traditional news brands see the role of news as what you should know. However, young audiences have a different view of the role of news as useful, interesting or fun. This is likely because young people are exposed to news through a wide variety of other sources, including infotainment, lifestyle, cultural and grassroots, and documentaries and TV shows.