How to Write an Effective Essay on Fashion


Fashion is a multifaceted subject which encompasses different styles, aesthetics, and trends. It is a reflection of the time that we live in, with significant historical and social events often reflecting on our wardrobe choices. As a result, the concept of Fashion is incredibly subjective and can be difficult to analyze. However, there are certain guidelines when writing an essay on the topic that will help you stay focused and deliver your point of view effectively.

The key to a successful essay on Fashion is originality. While referencing existing works to support your arguments, try to bring in your own interpretation and vision of the issue at hand. In addition, it is important to use terms and descriptions that are specific to your industry. This will help you avoid using generic or banal phrases that will not add weight to your argument.

Besides serving as functional objects to cover our bodies and gratify vanity, clothes have symbolic power that reflects who we are. They can reveal our gender, age, and social status, and they can also be a statement of rebellion or conformity. For example, a girl with green hair and multiple piercings can be considered a goth or a skater while someone who wears a black suit and a conservative haircut might be considered a “prep.”

In order to write an effective essay on Fashion, it is helpful to understand how the industry works. It is an international and highly commoditized business, with clothing often designed in one country, manufactured in another, and then sold in yet another.