Is Religion a Good Or Bad Influence on People?


Whether or not religion is a good or bad influence on people is not clear. However, many people do hold positive views of it. In fact, the majority of adults in the United States, Italy, Austria, and Portugal agree that religion has a positive influence.

For example, half of the public in Italy and Ireland believes that religion gives them a sense of meaning and purpose in life. A similar percentage in Sweden and Norway also agree that religion helps them make the right choices.

Despite the positive nature of religion, there are some negative aspects to it. For example, some religions contain an undercurrent of fear. The concept of eternal punishment and original sin can create a mental environment of worry. In addition, traditional religious beliefs can lead to exclusion of people deemed unworthy of God’s favor.

However, research has shown that religion can provide tangible benefits. For instance, people who have a spiritually oriented approach to their lives are less likely to suffer from stress and have better medical outcomes. In addition, gratitude can help mitigate the negative effects of stress.

In some African contexts, religion is a central element of society. Despite colonization, this tradition remains strong. A common belief in this culture is that God exists as described in the Bible. These beliefs also justify the exclusion of minority groups.

Religions are often deeply rooted in doctrine, tradition, and creed. Many pieces of art and poetry have been drawn from them. There are also historical figures that serve as the basis for a community’s religious practices. The details of these figures have been preserved in written scriptures and oral tradition.