Relationships – The Connections That Tie Us Together

Relationships are the connections that tie us together, whether those relationships are romantic, platonic, or professional. In a healthy relationship, we trust that our significant other will do what they say they will, and they respect our privacy.

In a romantic relationship, we open our hearts and connect on an intimate level with someone who can see the good and bad of ourselves and still love us. When we have a great romantic partner, we are often able to communicate effectively and have fun doing things together.

Even if we’re not in a romantic relationship, our lives are enriched by close friendships that help us feel connected to the world around us. Casual “acquaintances” like our local shopkeeper, the neighbour three doors down, or the dog walker offer moments of connection and positivity in our day. Relationships can also mean having a group of people who support and encourage you to make healthier life choices.

For some, a relationship is simply the person you share your life with – that “ride or die” presence who cheers you up when you’re down and books last minute flights with you. Others may find that a close relationship makes them more productive at work or provides an opportunity to explore new interests. Research suggests that having a supportive relationship can add years to your life, so whatever your relationship goals are, it’s worth trying to build a few of them into your life.