The Benefits of Relationships


We all want to have a partner to lean on, someone who can heal our scars and who doesn’t let us suffer alone. But being in a relationship isn’t only about emotional support, it also provides physical benefits like better sleep and a more robust immune system. Relationships can help to reduce stress levels, and even lower blood pressure.

In a healthy relationship both people are happy. They should be able to talk about anything in a safe space and communicate their feelings honestly. They should listen to one another and double check that they understand what is being said. This can avoid misunderstandings which can lead to hurt feelings. They should also help each other when needed. This can be in the form of a shoulder to cry on or a hand to hold during a bad day.

They shouldn’t take their partner for granted and always put them first. They should care about each other and show it in ways that are meaningful to them, like phone and video calls, writing letters, or just simple things such as holding hands and a random kiss throughout the day.

They should be supportive of each other’s independence and individuality. They should not compromise their own beliefs or values just to please their partner and they should continue seeing their friends and doing the things they love. They should not be dependent on one another for money or emotional stability.