The Benefits of Technology


Technology involves using knowledge in organised ways to develop and use machines that meet human needs. This knowledge may be based on invention, experimentation or research, or it may be based on the analysis of nature or the understanding of the principles that govern the behaviour of natural or artificial systems.

The invention of a new technology usually requires a long period of time and many trial experiments before it can be used effectively. In general, engineers have to find ways to work around a wide range of constraints, including financial limitations, political priorities, social attitudes and public opposition, ecological disruption, risks to workers and others and other factors.

Democratisation of information

One important benefit of modern technology is that it has enabled a huge increase in the amount of information available to individuals. Rather than having to travel physically to a library or university and read physical books, individuals can now solve their own heightened curiosity by using their smartphones or other devices to search the internet for valid information.

In this way, people are now able to gain access to a wealth of resources and can educate themselves to the highest level at home. In turn, this helps reduce the need for them to go to workplaces which can be less comfortable and more stressful.

Similarly, the modern technology tools that businesses have at their disposal allow them to achieve global accolades and deliver outstanding results. These tools can be used to create and distribute information, communicate with each other, serve clients’ needs and requests, attract prospective customers and more. The utilisation of technology also encourages creativity and gives individuals an outlet for their ideas.