The Importance of Fashion

Fashion is an important and highly influential part of our lives. Whole magazines are devoted to it, TV programs dedicate hours of air time on it, and people discuss it between their friends continuously. It is an industry that combines various aspects of human culture: clothes, footwear, accessories, cosmetics, etc. Fashion is often influenced by cultural, economic, and political trends. It reveals social status, reflects the interests of the time and provides an opportunity for self-expression.

For example, the way a boy with green hair and multiple piercings dresses might reveal his desire to be unique and independent. His style may be a form of rebellion against the conformist society he lives in. The same goes for people who dress in the latest sexy styles or a more classic look. Clothes show what group they belong to and create stereotypes between groups. The style of a person’s clothes also affects how other people perceive him.

A man dressed in a suit and tie might be perceived as a serious businessman, while a woman wearing jeans might be seen as an unemployed housewife. Fashion also reveals the interests and desires of the individual, such as his or her preferences for colors, fabrics, patterns and textures.

Changes in fashion are a reflection of societal changes, as well as the financial interests of designers and manufacturers. For instance, a hat might become popular for a particular period because of the popularity of a film or a royal wedding. Some styles are more enduring than others. The earliest examples of continual and rapid changes in clothing styles can be traced back to the Late Middle Ages. Albrecht Durer’s drawing of a Nuremberg lady in high chopines contrasting with the Venetian woman’s long side slits and stand collars illustrates this point.