The Importance of Team Sport

Playing team sport can teach children the importance of regular exercise, especially as they get older. Routine physical activity helps with cardiac health, builds muscle strength and increases bone density, all of which contribute to a healthier body.

Team sports also teach kids the value of hard work and commitment. Coaches and fellow teammates are great examples of this, demonstrating the need for continual focus, delayed gratification and dedication towards an end goal. Team sports can also help kids learn the importance of accepting setbacks and not dwelling on them, turning each failure into a unique learning opportunity to improve.

Kids who participate in team sports can also develop their communication skills and feel a sense of community. They can also start to set non-academic goals and feel the reward of achieving them. Children who struggle at school often find this kind of goal much more rewarding than their schoolwork, boosting self-esteem and helping to relieve stress.

Team sport also teaches kids about the importance of respecting those in authority, such as coaches and other team captains. They need to be able to listen and follow instructions, which is important both at home and in the workplace. They must also be able to understand that different people have strengths and weaknesses, so that the team can be as effective as possible. This translates well to the working world, as it is essential for successful business.