What Is Fashion?


Fashion is the way a person dresses and what type of look he or she projects. It is a reflection of the person’s inner self and how he or she wants to be seen. Fashion changes as times change and people adapt to the changing environments around them. Fashion can be as subtle as an understated whisper or as loud as a high-energy scream. It is an expression of the individual’s personality and can be as revealing as a fingerprint.

Like the arts, culture and literature, Fashion is also a mirror to society. It reflects social trends, political movements and cultural dynamics. In the past, clothes were used to display a person’s status in the community. Rich people wore clothes made from precious materials, while those who were poorer wore rough-cut garments dyed with inexpensive dyes. The fashion of a particular time is often reflected in the art of the period, such as paintings or sculptures.

The latest styles and fads are constantly changing, and the fashion industry is highly responsive to consumer demand. Many designers use their platform to express their opinions about the world, politics or current events.

Fashion is a global business, with clothing designed in one country, manufactured in another and sold in yet a third. Because of this, the names of brands may differ from country to country, but the style is the same. As the fashion industry grows and becomes more global, consumers are becoming more connected and aware of what is in style.