What is Fashion?


Fashion is the popular style of clothing, shoes, accessories and jewelry. It is also the way people dress and interact, including their manners and behavior. It can be influenced by culture, social class and geography, and can vary over time. People who follow the latest fashions are called “fashionistas” or “fashion victims”.

Fashion includes the whole range of personal apparel, from the traditional to the contemporary. It is a worldwide phenomenon with designers, manufacturers and retailers working together to design, produce and market a wide range of clothes for men, women and children. Clothing is not only a form of expression, but can also serve to protect and conceal the body. It is a symbol of status, as it shows the way that a person lives. For example, judges wear robes, and people in the military wear uniforms. It is a means of communication, showing what you are interested in and what makes you tick.

The evolution of fashion is closely linked with industrialization, globalization and technological change. For example, the development of sewing machines allowed clothes to be made much more quickly and cheaply, while global trade and the growth of a consumer culture have led to increased choice and lower prices.

The rise of fashion is often attributed to the cultural revolution of the 18th century, when the court of Louis XIV favored extravagant laces and velvets. The influence of musicians, artists and political figures has always been a strong factor in fashion trends. People often copy the clothes of their favorite celebrities or public figures. This is why celebrities and other influential people are considered to be the ‘guardians’ of fashion.