What Is News?

News is the information that newspapers, magazines, radio and television report. It may involve events, discoveries or issues that affect the general public in a large way. It can also be a local story that interests people in a certain community. The main function of News is to inform its audience, but it can be entertaining as well.

A good news article begins with a catchy headline that is emotion evoking or creates curiosity. Then it details the facts using the inverted pyramid method – where the most important information is presented first, followed by less important information. The author of the News must remain impartial and avoid stating personal opinions or biases. Instead, they should use third person pronouns like ‘he’,’she’ and ‘it’ rather than first-person pronouns such as ‘I’.

The most common topics for News are war, crime, health, politics, government, education, economy, business, fashion and entertainment. Other stories can be about natural disasters, environmental concerns or quirky events.

Trending stories – those that are currently causing controversy or upheaval in society – will also make good News. News articles should provide the reader with enough information to form their own opinion on the topic, even if that opinion is different from the writer’s. It is often useful to interview sources who can offer insight from a more technical point of view. This is especially beneficial when writing about science and technology. In these cases, the sources should be clearly identified and quoted.