What Is News?


A news report is a broadcast which provides information about events happening around us. It helps people in many ways. It makes people aware of what is going on around them and helps them become more knowledgeable. News also serves as a tool for development and communalism.

There are many different media in which we receive news. They include television, radio, print publications, social media, and the Internet. In addition to these traditional forms, Americans are increasingly relying on their cell phones. According to a recent survey, 56 percent of adults reported using a mobile device to access news in the past week.

The term “breaking news” has been used in recent years to describe an event that is newsworthy. Some examples of breaking news are news of a riot, a terrorist attack, or a natural disaster. Those types of stories may have a greater impact on the reader.

News is typically divided into two categories: soft and hard news. Soft news focuses on trends and current events. Typically, these stories are longer and less serious than hard news.

There are several factors that determine how effective a news story is. These factors include the time of the event, the audience reaction, and the impact it has on readers.

The news value of a story can be increased if a famous person is involved. For example, a story about a prominent politician has more news value than a story about a sports star.