What is News?

News is what people read, hear or see about events that happen in their daily lives. It covers all aspects of society, from political crises to celebrity gossip. It can also include information about the environment, food, fashion, and entertainment. It is usually presented as a story that includes an opening statement (the key points) followed by supporting facts. It is often presented on TV, radio or in newspapers, but can also be found online.

People are interested in all sorts of News, although some subjects are more interesting than others. Traditionally, war and politics have been big news. But more recently, sports, fashion, and crime have become big news items. Celebrities and public figures are always of interest, especially when they do or say things that go against the common rules of society. For example, a famous person becoming ill or making a fool of themselves in public is a very interesting piece of news. So too is a celebrity’s personal life, including marriages and divorces. Health and the environment are other important news items. People are also interested in stories about money – who makes and loses fortunes, taxation, the Budget, wages, prices of goods and services, and compensation claims.

The main purpose of News is to inform and educate readers, listeners or viewers. But it can also entertain them – music and drama programs on radio; crosswords and cartoons in newspapers and magazines. People often have different views about what is Newsworthy, and it can be helpful to find a reasonably unbiased source of news, such as the BBC or PBS in the UK or the Associated Press in the US. Using a News aggregator site can help to compare the views of different outlets on the same subject so that you can consider an opposing viewpoint.