What Is News?


News is a term which is used to describe a factual report of an event that has recently happened. It is usually transmitted through different mediums, such as television or radio. Depending on the region and society in which an event takes place, the content of the news may vary.

Obviously, the best news will be the news which is the most interesting to the reader. It is not only important that the news story is new, it is also important that it has some significance.

For example, a person’s death is not necessarily news, but the assassination of Mrs Gandhi is. On the other hand, a new insect discovery could be a major news item.

News is a good way to distract people from their problems. It can be especially useful during social gatherings. It can also help educate the public.

While the most significant thing in a news story is not necessarily the most exciting, it is the most important. For example, a story about a local assassination would be interesting to a person in the United Kingdom, but not to a person in the United States.

A news story about the assassination of a prominent politician would be more significant than a story about a dog biting a man. A story about the assassination of Mrs Gandhi was the big news in India, but it wouldn’t be considered a news story in the United States.

For the same reason, a news story about the assassination or the discovery of a new insect would not be as noteworthy in the United Kingdom as it might be in the United States.