What Is Technology?


Technology is the application of knowledge in various fields. The term is also used to describe a product that uses technology. Technology is used in various fields and has become commonplace. One example is computer technology, which has become a necessity for every day life. Other areas that use technology include agriculture, medicine, aerospace, and construction.

Technology is used by many businesses to compete in a competitive world. It helps these companies to develop new products and deliver services on time and on budget. Some examples of businesses that use technology include mobile phone companies. They use high-tech equipment and advanced software to develop new electronic devices. This gives them an edge over their competitors.

In many ways, technology is about establishing priorities. Some technologies are desirable while others are unsuitable. For example, driving an automobile is a material object, but the motions made when the driver turns the steering wheel or presses the accelerator are larger. Technology intervenes between these two scales to produce different effects.

Schatzberg describes two divergent traditions of technology scholarship. He places commentators in one of two camps. There are instrumentalists and idealists. The former adopt a language of ends and means and present technology as narrow, utilitarian technical rationality, devoid of values. The latter camp emphasizes values.